Patrick Lundberg


Direct, from the future

My name is Patrick Lundberg.

When I started working professionally 12+ years ago, I watched a now-legendary director walk into a set review and understand his key veteran crew’s work better than they did. It was stunning. It was radical. I had never seen someone possess an idea so well. At a time when everything we took for granted about media was changing, he was utterly in-control.

I realized he was directing from the future, and I decided to follow him there.

That future doesn’t reward creators who don’t completely understand what their crew does, or who have no experience in technical execution. It does not reward traditional boundaries.

That future insists creative leaders are multi-disciplined artists. That they are sharp managers of ideas, logistics, and talent - all at once. It rewards those talented and driven enough to constantly learn, scale and create without hesitation.

In a world with few constants, this is the way to stay in-control. I've spent these 12+ years bringing this philosophy to productions, going way-beyond tradition and boundaries to elevate ideas as a director, producer, editor and everything in-between.

I’ve built production companies with huge clients, stepped onto sets professionally at nearly every position, and studied under true legends of film. Now my colleagues and clients alike are asking me to step to the helm full-time because a background like that makes a big difference. I know how to hold onto the idea. Change excites me.

Spend a day working with me, you’ll like what happens.









/ ˈcinTHəsəs/

noun - combination or composition, in particular.

  • the combination of cinematic ideas to form a well-developed project

  • the final stage in the process of conceptual reasoning, in which a new cinematic idea resolves the conflict between thesis and antithesis

  • the production of ideas via moving imagery as an art or industry

  • a production philosophy centered around a holistic and comprehensive approach to creative leadership

Origin; early 21st century via English from syn-the-sis, from cin-e-ma